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Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa

A new interpretation of the over 2000 year-old roman bath culture promoting health and well-being.

Bathe in a fairy tale setting with a breathtaking view of the Alps

Experience the mystical world of Mario Botta at the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa


The World of Mineral Baths
Energy Production
Infos für Schwangere
Spezielle Zutrittsregelungen
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The World of Mineral Baths

Discover the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa and experience the mystical world of Mario Botta

The complex is divided into two areas: the mineral baths which are open to everyone (adults and children) and the spa, which is reserved for adults over the age of 16.

Mineral Baths

The entrance to the mineral baths opens onto the reception and a large atrium on the entry level, one story below the town square. From there you cross the locker rooms to reach the large bathing hall, featuring an indoor pool (35°C). Follow along the series of alcoves in the large stone wall leading to the outdoor pool. Water for the baths is drawn from the 'Three Sisters Springs' located right beside the chapel. This legendary source promotes health and well-being through its revitalizing, mineral-rich water (Download Water Analysis PDF).

The rear section of the indoor pool affords a spectacular view of the mountains through its reinforced glass facade. From the outdoor pool you can marvel at the unobstructed mountain vistas spread out before you.
The bathing experience continues on the next floor down with a leisurely herbal steam bath followed by relaxation in the quiet room.

Enjoy the following facilities in our indoor and outdoor pools:

  • Whirlpool
  • Massage jets from head to toe
  • Shallow water area
  • Bubble loungers with mountain views
  • Mineral water couches
  • Neck showers
  • Herbal steam bath
  • Rest and relaxation area by the indoor pool
  • Sun deck with couchettes and lounge area

Spa Area (min. 16 years)

In this part of the complex guests can enjoy a variety of facilities and treatments that melt away the stress of everyday life leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace. The highlight is surely the crystal spa, a flooded room approximately 50 m2 in size, in which guests float in warm water (35°C) nine metres under the level of the town square looking up through one of the 3.5 m high crystal skylights. This area also features a special sauna zone. In our large herbal sauna you will enjoy lots of space to sit back and let the soothing heat and varied herbal scents relax you.

Enjoy these amenities in the spa area:

  • Herbal sauna with relaxing infusions
  • Crystal spa with shallow water zone
  • Rest and relaxation area
  • Lounge area with mineral water

Pool Rules PDF, House Rules PDF

Botta Coffee
In our reception area you'll find our cafe. It’s the perfect place for both spa guests and other visitors to take a break.

Enjoy cold and warm beverages and tasty snacks.

Energy Production

In earlier times, it was easier to operate the 'Chalte Bad' (cold baths) on Rigi because it required no energy. It was the custom for bathers to immerse themselves three times in the spring's cold water, then run around the chapel and say five 'Our Fathers' and five 'Hail Marys' before praying.

The needs of today's spa guests are no longer the same. We now bathe in warm water (35°C) at the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa. As before we still bathe in the water from the 'Three Sisters Springs’, which rises from a crevice in the rock next to the chapel.

The new bathing complex is heated with a log wood boiler. The entire wood supply will come from Rigi and be supplied by the Korporation Weggis. This is the optimal solution for both the environment and for the region. Forest management on Rigi is urgently needed, however until now it has unfortunately been very costly and therefore uneconomical.

Operating the spa will require 300 cubic metres of wood per year. Because the spa is a bulk buyer, it spares many cumbersome transports down to the valley. Existing forest resources guarantee the availability of enough wood to operate the spa.

As a source of energy wood is CO2 neutral and renewable, thus the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths and Spa will not have a negative impact on the environment. Our future guests, like the pilgrims 600 years ago, will be able to fully indulge their need for rest, relaxation and regeneration.


Rigi Kaltbad has had a bathing tradition for 600 years. In times gone by, people from all over the world were attracted to the healing waters of the 'Kaltbad' mineral springs. As of July 2012, this tradition will be carried on by the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa, designed by internationally-renowned architect Mario Botta.

It wasn't by chance that Rigi became known as Queen of the Mountains. Rigi is the source of many legends and fables. But probably no mountain in Switzerland offers its visitors a greater variety of things to do than Rigi, which bathes its feet in Lake Lucerne on the south side between Weggis and Vitznau. Picture it as a Mediterranean Garden of Eden. Climb to the summit and gaze in wonderment at the magnificent panorama from the Black Forest over the Swiss Plateau to the entire chain of the Alps. On the Zug side, you can see Arth-Goldau in the distance beyond Klösterli, the second place of pilgrimage on Rigi, with its unique alpine flora and fauna. Rigi is also unique in its central location -- just a short journey from all of central Switzerland and the Swiss Plateau. Escape the fog on the darkest days by heading up to Rigi Kaltbad (approx. 1500m) and taste a little bit of heaven as you bask in warm sunshine overlooking mountain peaks and a sea of clouds below.

Enjoy the best of old traditions at the new Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa. The building design by Mario Botta reflects the reverence for bathing held by the Greek, Roman and Arabian cultures down through the ages. In these cultures, public baths were held in the same esteem as religious places of worship. In the Arabic world, these were even built alongside one another (hammams).

The Rigi Kaltbad Mineral Baths & Spa is located directly under the newly-built town square, 'Giardino Minerale' (“The Mineral Garden”), also designed by Mario Botta. The square is bordered on one side by the new Vitznau-Rigi Cog Railway station and on the other side by a distinctive round tower, which is the main entrance for both the mineral baths underneath and the mountain station for the connecting aerial cableway down to Weggis. The new town square features eight skylights reminiscent of rock crystals rising approx. 3.5 metres up out of the ground. The front part of the square forms an almost 80-metre long observation deck. The area behind is a designer terrace, which invites you to linger and enjoy the view.

The baths themselves were designed by Mario Botta as a place for rest and relaxation. Put aside your stress and worries and let the spiritual, contemplative aura of the setting envelop you throughout your stay. By day, enjoy the splendid view of the mountains from the vantage point of Rigi Kaltbad from both the indoor and outdoor pools. At night, bathing takes on a mystical other-worldly quality. Float in the large rocky alcoves under the crystal skylights, as the magic of the soft light and warm water transcends your soul.

Infos für Schwangere

Information zum Aufenthalt während Schwangerschaft

Bäder mit warmem Mineralwasser wirken beruhigend und ausgleichend auf den ganzen Organismus und deshalb ist das Mineralbad & Spa Rigi Kaltbad auch während der Schwangerschaft ein entspannendes Erlebnis.

Da die Verträglichkeit von warmen Temperaturen während einer Schwangerschaft sehr individuell ist, bitten wir Sie, sich vorgängig auf jeden Fall bei Ihrem Arzt zu informieren, ob Ihrem Aufenthalt bei uns nichts im Wege steht.

Massagen in der Schwangerschaft:
Bis zur 12. Schwangerschaftswoche können wir aus Sicherheits- und Gesundheitsgründen KEINE Massagen.
Ab der 12. Schwangerschaftswoche verwöhnen wir Sie jedoch gerne mit einer 25 oder 50 minütigen Massage je nach Befinden in Rücken- und Seitenlage.

Spezielle Zutrittsregelungen

Die Sauna ist während allen Öffnungszeiten gemischt.
Kinder unter 1 Jahr haben keinen Zutritt.
Eintritt Spa Bereich ab 16 Jahren
Massagen werden ab 18 Jahren abgegeben

Der Saunabereich ist eine Nacktzone. Alle anderen Bereiche sind nicht textilfrei.


In unserem Bistro können Sie sich mit kleinen Snacks wie Sandwiches und diversen Getränken verpflegen.

Badekleider, Badetücher etc.

Sie können gerne Badebekleidung, Bademantel und Badetücher gegen ein kleines Entgelt mieten. In unserem Shop können Sie Badekleider auch kaufen.


In unserm Mineralbadshop können Sie einige der hochwertigen Produkte kaufen, die wir für die Treatments verwenden. Zudem finden Sie verschiedene Geschenkideen und Mitbringsel.